Happening in Italy: nasce una repubblica

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Cucina Conversations

My article in ICCC Houston on the story of the food blogger behind’s ICCC’s latest cooking series. Read about Flavia and why her blog is a go to for those interested in Italian Food:

Italian Authors To Know: Cecco Angiolieri

Life Born in Siena, Italy, in 1260, Cecco Angiolieri is often regarded as the first master of comic verse. However, in spite of how highly he is spoken of nearly 800 years later, Angiolieri was not always so highly regarded during his time. This was due to the great expectations that were set on his […]

Italian Authors To Know: Franco Loi

Life Franco Loi was born in Genoa on January 20, 1930. When he was seven years old, his father moved the family to Milan, Italy’s second-largest city and an important center of the arts and culture. The Milanese dialect of his new hometown would become a great influence on Franco’s later work as a writer, […]

Italian Author Profile: Alda Merini

Alda Merini is an Italian poet who was born in Milan in 1931. She sparked interest in reading and writing at a very young age. Her father encouraged her and published a booklet of her poems when she was ten. She went to elementary school and made great grades but her family didn’t have money […]

Italian Authors To Know: Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri is hailed as one of the most important Italian authors of all times and has been a major influence in Western culture. His epic poem, La commedia or Divine Comedy is still read and studied today. He is also known for leading the movement to break free of the old standards […]


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